You and I aren’t like paper that soaks up the glue and binds to each other seamlessly, permanently and dries crystal clear. No, you’re wood that prefers wood glue and a C-clamp, and I’m metal which really is best soldered. At first glance, one would never guess we were meant to bond at all. And yet here we are, metal and wood under one roof – with glass and cloth and, yes, even paper. One family crafted of vastly disparate elements, properties, and strengths. Commanded to live in unity through the bond of peace. And oh, how we try! Each with her own bottle of her personal favorite glue. I don’t mean to insult your wood glue because I know it is what works for you, and it’s created some impressively strong bonds over the years – with two-by-fours and twigs and yardsticks. But it just hasn’t worked for the two of us. I’ve had my own share of disasters with my heated solder which melted my plastic friend all into a puddle. Oh the pain and the sticky mess of bonding gone awry. Maybe if we are to live in obedience to this supernatural command, we need to set aside our bottled ideas of bonding and ask for a bit of super {natural} glue.


One thought on “glue

  1. I love what you did with this prompt. The thought of how each of us is so different in construction and yet God’s glue can hold us all together in communion with Him. Thanks for letting your fingers type the words in them!

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