I wondered if I was ready. Embarking on what appeared to be a grand adventure, I gazed in awe at the mountain ahead and questioned if I had the strength to scale it. But as the journey began my course was diverted and my grand adventure morphed into a grander adventure that required far more bravery than the mere climbing of a large mountain. The twists and turns of the path were sudden and unexpected; the descents dangerous and the slopes slippery. The water ran high over the path and quicksand lurked in innocent-looking puddles. I chided myself for not being ready for the mountain climb, all the while forgetting how much I HAD been ready for. And now as this turbulent interlude is behind me, and I attempt once again to scale the mountain, I have no doubt that I am ready. Ready for the mountain? Maybe not yet. But ready to face, with my Guide at my side, whatever path lies ahead.


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