Oh daughter-of-mine, When you crawl up into my lap and gaze at me with those endlessly dark eyes, full. Always full, whether of joy or pain or fear or wonder. And when you chatter or sob or to tell me a story. When you come to me full of yourself and life and, well, honestly even when you’re a bit grumpy. When you snuggle in and just rest, our hearts synchronizing their beating. Then, in all those times you share with me, then is when I adore you. And you adore me.

And then I think – those eyes, I’m glad I made dark, deep eyes. And that voice, those vocal chords that use physical vibration to express the heart’s emotion. Yes, that was creative, and it was very good. And on and on as I adore you, my daughter, and you adore me, your Everlasting Father.


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