I’m always hesitating unsure of the right words to say; ironically I often say too much. Too much incriminating evidence that I’m not quite as redeemed as I think I am. Too much gossip, too much complaining, too many things that leech the credibility from my “Christian” label. I’m not that happy-go-lucky Christian. There, I said it. At work, I am focused, serious, demanding. I hold myself to high standards, and I hold others to the same. I guess you could say I don’t have grace, but the line gets a little blurry when I am called to this work and to excellence at this work like it’s the very marrow in my bones. I worry that instead of being part of the great cloud of witnesses, I’m just clouding my own witness. And then one day as a colleague talks of hearing Bible stories as a child and listening to Christian radio now just out of curiosity, it strikes me that this is his testimony though he doesn’t know it yet. His God has been pursuing him all his life. And me, in all my failure and sin, can’t ruin what He is doing. So is there something particular I should say? Or should I just go on, sharing life in all its messiness, rebellion, and ultimately redemption.


2 thoughts on “share

  1. Funny, I had similar thoughts tonight. I think too often we try not to share our messiness. I think that holds us back from sharing the unity, the togetherness, the fellowship we can have. Good job.

    (visiting from FMF and

  2. We can feel comforted by the leadings of the Holy Spirit, but I think that it’s best if we don’t start feeling so comfortable with this grace that it loses it’s impact on our awareness. I think you have written a beautiful addition to the discussion of “Share”. Thank you and have a lovely week!

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