May the Lord bless you and keep you…

Right now I need Him to keep me

The blessings aren’t even as appealing. I need Him to keep me like a tightly woven scarf keeps warmth near my body. To keep me held secure without any chance of unraveling. I need something strong to contain the unwieldy exuberance of my mind, something safe to contain my heart aflame with zeal for His name, but also burning the toxic waste of self and shame and sin. But as much as I want to be kept as a child swaddled into peaceful slumber, there are also things I desperately do not need to keep.

So sift away the lies and the pride and the self-reliance. Let the burnt ashes of my unredeemed life fall away little by little until what remains is cleansed enough to be gathered close to the warmth of your ever-beating heart of love.


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