Five minutes’ break on a Friday. A break to write rambles about breaking and a break to protect myself from the inevitable shattering of working too hard. Deep inside my mind filled with ideas and strategies and theories and experiments and preliminary exam topics, somewhere I know that I’m making a choice: conscious or unconscious. Do I take a break to soften myself that has become so hard and brittled by the daily emergency of work? Myself whose soul is so fulfilled in daily life that it is left parched and thirsty for true fulfillment. Or do I forge ahead determined to eke out every ounce of joy and energy and adrenaline from the addictive blessing of each day, and inevitably to become the dry sponge that crumbles into dust. It’s easy to ignore that this is a conscious choice when I’m caught up in the next adrenaline rush, or the determination of pushing through failure to a place of revelry and success, or simply the endless train of tasks and responsibilities. As captive as I may feel to the pressures around, the fact remains that I have the choice to take a short break. And even in these 300 moments, I see it. A break clarifies thinking; it re-calibrates the mind to what is real and what is truly urgent. Am I here, in this world, in this particular place of life and relationships and work, in order to do more? To be the best? To use my own power to accomplish more than others? Or am I here to do God’s will? To be His hands and feet right here? To seek Him first, and let all these crucial, urgent, emergencies be taken care of by One to whom they require no more than a breath? The choice is starker than ever: to take a break or to break.


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