Beauty will rise from the ashes

So they say


Will rise

From the ashes

Oh, but the ashes must come first

The lacy ashes that float away with a whisper

The formless remains of what once was

Before this must come the smoldering ashes

Calm and silent

Yet searingly painful when close

And before this must come the flame

Open, raging, burning

Engulfing what is into what will never more be

And before this must come what is

The good, the blessing, the gift given

The heart’s place to rest in delight

Before every gift comes the Giver

A Giver who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

So even amidst the fire, the smoldering, or the floating away of well-loved treasures

We know that beauty will rise

Because the Giver will keep on giving


4 thoughts on “rise

  1. Wow, what beautiful imagery! “Beauty will rise from the ashes, oh, but the ashes must come first.”–that’s tough but ever true. This is one of those posts that you have to just sit and ponder for awhile…thank you for that blessing! #fmfparty

  2. Katy,
    you are gifted indeed. The image of searing when close and the smouldering…how it’s dying but not yet dead and can still wound until the fire has finally died.
    (Visiting from FMF at #10 this week)

  3. Beautiful truth, Katy. How often we wish for the beauty to rise before all else. But the flames..and the heat.. and the ashes… they’re so real. And without them? We may never truly see the beauty for what it is. Thank you.

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