Dearest friends, the world needs you. Strung-out mothers and needy children and aging grandfathers and young men trying to bring running water to their worlds. They work and play and pray and hope day after day, just eking out survival and not knowing whether the god they pray to can hear them. It’s been years now, and some are losing hope. Some don’t even know that hope exists. They need you in deep-down ways that most on this side of the world have never felt need. Their hearts ache most for the love of a Father that they don’t know and who they don’t even know they have missed. And so my dear friends, as you board a plane and say tearful goodbyes to the grandchildren and young women and aging aunts, we release you. We release our needs into the hands of the Father who has used you for a time, but now beckons that the world needs you more. So beloved friends, go into all the world, and make disciples!


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