The pace is hurried this time of year. There is the race to buy gifts to show others we love them. The packing in of parties and activities and last get-togethers with graduating friends. The rush to get finals graded. The push to collect that last bit of data knowing lab money is dried up next year.

Medicine has a name for this: it’s called tachycardia, a racing heartbeat. It’s just fine for a heart to beat fast for short bouts such as during exercise. But prolonged tachycardia leads to fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, and even passing right out.

My heart has been racing lately.

And my type of tachycardia can be relieved by lying down. By giving up the fight against gravity and being still.

So when my heart bounds away to my big deadline in January, or the new class I’ll be teaching next semester, or Christmas with family, or this weekend’s data collection and serving and celebrating, or the work left tonight – life pulsing loud and ominous in my chest – then I will try to be still. To lie down for a time and rest, waiting for the wild thumping to slow to a steady, rhythmic, beat.

Joining as usual with Five Minute Friday.


6 thoughts on “pace

    • Yeahhh, too bad it costs money to play around in the lab! it’s a little shock transitioning from seemingly unlimited start-up funds to no-money-and-praying-for-a-grant. Fun times. 😉

  1. Katy,
    I’m your neighbor this week. I liked your post. How true it is that we need to simply rest sometimes. To surrender and let go of all that we believe is necessary. Thank you for posting on pace. It’s “slow and steady” that wins the race. 😉
    (#14 on FMF this week)

    • “Surrender and let go of all that we believe is necessary” – wow! Even today as I have a lot that MUST be done so I cannot physically rest, I can at least relax from the mental striving just a bit, knowing that it’s not really in my control anyway. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful words, Tammy!

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