As the first week of the semester ticks ever closer to its end, I think about how much of my time this week was spent on… time. My Excel spreadsheet calendar open, I colored in hours with teaching and classes and meetings. In the empty spaces, I began to budget my time for research projects and exercise and sleep. All of this strategizing and budgeting and allocating my time out for the next several months.

But is it really MY time?

Of course it is not. In the beginning, the One who breathed the universe into existence started time, and it is to his rhythm that it ticks to this day.

So while my plans and intentions for my time are good, I still want to invite the Keeper of time to have input on how I spend these brief 24 hours each day.

Maybe it’s to re-discover those few hours I used to spend on Saturday evening, moseying through the woods, hand in hand with the one whose hands move the eternal clock, listening, conversing.

Maybe it’s to capture that hour between class and teaching when I would rather relax, and make the effort to have lunch with a newer believer.

Maybe it’s to take those few minutes to write a text or email to let someone know when I am thinking of them and praying for them.

And on and on the list could go. But they are all just maybes, just wishful ideals that will get eaten up by the urgency of daily life unless I am still and listen for the One who made time.


Joining, as usual, with FMF!


8 thoughts on “time

  1. Ah, I so understand! I’m trying to be more intentional about how I spend my time without bankrumpting the budget of spontaniety and spending it where it matters most. Calendars and to-do lists need lots of praying over!

  2. I often catch myself thinking it’s “my” time, when it’s not at all. It’s all God’s. Thanks for this great reminder today. Intentionally spending my time wisely is something I’m working on this year! Blessings!

    • Stewardship of time is definitely difficult. Just prayed for you in your endeavors this year – to listen well and obey well. The obeying is the hard part for me usually… Thanks for stopping by, Julie!

  3. It’s all about perspective isn’t it! I had a week off work recently and I’d planned to rest as much as possible. In the end, that didn’t work out at all! I spent the whole week running errands for other people and was totally wiped out by the end of it. I was a little resentful initially, but then realised that actually while some ‘me time’ is essential sometimes, my time is not my own and really I’m glad to have been in a position to help out.
    I must say though, like you, I do love a walk in the woods! Will have to pencil one in somewhere soon 🙂

    • Ah yes, that’s a great point. “Me time” – so essential for me as an introvert, but it can also be a trap, time sink, way to hide from those God has placed around me – an idol. In reality, no amount of time alone (even good time, with God), can make me perfectly rested and capable of living out my life. Only He can. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your thoughtful comment!

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