In times of decision there are many voices vying for attention. In the sinking ship of my current work situation, there is the voice of caution telling me to climb into a lifeboat and make my way back to shore. Then find a bigger, sturdier ship and attempt the journey again. A second voice suggests trying to steer our ship alongside a seaworthy vessel heading roughly the same direction – and take a leap. Yet another voice insists that the leaks in the ship are plugged well enough that by sheer determination and tireless rowing, I can make it to the destination. Which voice should I listen to? Does it matter that the first two are the voices of Captains? Sure, they command different ships heading in different directions, but they both are experts in sailing and have seen their share of sinking ships. Should I listen to them when I’m not sure if they are listening to me? It’s easier to listen to the one sitting in the chair beside me every day, the one in the little raft he scrapped together himself (after our captain pushed him overboard), paddling alongside our ship. He sees the destination, he knows the dangers and the cost of the seas, but he’s taking the gamble. All for the deep blue sea he can only explore in a shiny new ship awaiting at our destination.

Joining, as usual, with Five Minute Friday.


5 thoughts on “listen

  1. Katy, all I can really say is that you’re in my prayers. Academia can really, really suck, because there are so many mirrored hallways and so many hidden agendas. Disarming IEDs, in comparison, is way more fun.

    I was about to say, “disarming IEDs, in comparison, is a blast”. But that may be tempting fate.

    The important thing , perhaps, is to be able to define EXACTLY what you want to do with your education. I was pretty vague; I wanted to teach, loved teaching, was good at pulling in research dollars and doing the job, but I loathed academic politics, and paid the price. You can’t do the academic dance without being political. A naif will get knifed, sometimes just for fun.

    Know that you are in my prayers daily.

    #1 at FMF this week.

  2. had a friend wrestling this for so many years. She finally made her decision yesterday. She had what you are speaking of different voices and opinions. Mine was one of them.
    Yesterday when she came to see me after her resignation a sense of peace and hopefulness was all over her.
    So glad the decision was finally reached!
    Hopeful for you too

  3. Katy, I am new to your blog and to your story, so I don’t know all the ins and outs here, but I stand with you and alongside you now. As the others have said, I am praying that you will clearly hear His voice and that He will give you courage to go the way you need to go.

  4. Katy, I am also new to your story, but I am reminded of one of my favourite Scriptures that says this (and I’m going to paraphrase it because that’s what Holy Spirit sounds like to me)… “When you must decide between going right or going left, you will hear a Voice behind you saying, ‘Go this way…’ or ‘Go that way…’ (Isaiah 30:21).
    I pray that all other voices will fade and this One remains.
    Shauna Blaak (FMF#19 this week)

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